Right now there isn’t too much to see, but this is where I’ll publish my homemade tools. For questions or feedback it’s best to contact me via social media (see below) or discord.

Dungeons & Dragons

These might also work for other games:

Random Charakter Generator: This generates random characters, giving you race, gender (male, female or non-binary), a suitable name, a one-word personality (based on Disney’s seven dwarves, also containing dwarves that did not make it into the movie) and info on how to pitch your voice. It’s not the most detailed generator, but it gives you easy-to-understand information quickly and you can change what races and genders are considered.
The Ravnica version will also choose suitable races for each guild (and vice versa) and fitting jobs. Also, you get additional information like: If you get a Golgari giant, it will always tell you that it is a zombie.
Plattform: Windows
Download the Random NPC Generator here and the Ravnica version here.

Lucky Dice: This Smartphone app let’s you roll the most common types of dice, letting you change amount, showing you the sum and letting you roll with (dis)advantage. But it hast one more feature: You can roll a Safe Die that gives you results that are based on the gaussian distribution, giving you mostly results between 5 and 15, while the Risky Die is more likely to give you results below 5 or ober 15.
It is meant to give you more options during battle based on your charakters mindset and I strongly recommend adding some sort of punishment alongside (eg a fumble table) so it doesn’t break your games balancing. Or let the enemies use them as well.
Plattform: Android (4.0+ I think)
Download it here.

Trading Card Games

There’s a few Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards you can check out and maybe play. See them here.